After Christmas Sales of 2021

Although shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday boast some of the best deals on the latest gadgets and appliances, end-of-the-year shopping can also result in major savings on items you waited on or choose to purchase with gift cards.

After Christmas sales begin as early as December 26 and can last through January 1, depending on where you’re shopping and what you’re shopping for. The best sales can likely be found at major retailers like Amazon or Walmart, since they carry a higher stock of big-ticket items and have the ability to draw in customers through big discounts. This year, you can find markdowns on the latest TVs, audio equipment, tablets, kitchen appliances, and household items such as vacuums or snowblowers.

After Christmas Sales and Deals Amazon

Amazon still has major deals to take advantage of—just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean that the deals do.

1. Best wired earbud: Shure SE215-CL

Shure SE215-CL

If these earbuds fit your ears, you will love them. They sound great, and have a detachable/replaceable cable you can swap to use a lightning cable for an iPhone or even a wireless Blutooth cable.

They also offer really good sound isolation so you don’t have to crank the volume to hear your music – although bear in mind this does cut you off from the outside world (the difference is like reducing a the noise of a lawnmower down to a normal conversation volume in a restaurant). However, that relies on them fitting well, and it is well worth experimenting with the six different sized tips supplied to find the one that works for you.

If you’re still using the headphones that came with your phone, you’ll be blown away by how good these sound. They are on the pricier side, but you do get really good sound for your money.

  • Detachable/expandable cable
  • Great isolation
  • Rich and detailed sound
  • Can be uncomfortable

2. Jabra Elite Active 75t – The best wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The market’s best wireless earbuds (and best sport headphones) just got better, thanks to a free over-the-air ANC update that adds active noise cancellation into the mix. Don’t think that you’re going to get Bose-caliber results, or anything close to what the more premium Elite 85t delivers, but Jabra did do an impressive job tweaking its algorithm to block out a good amount of external sounds.

Even before the inclusion of ANC, the Elite Active 75t proved itself as the model to beat, offering better battery life, durability, sound, and special features than its biggest threat: the AirPods Pro. The design remains sleek, though it is sturdier this time around, with IP57 certification granting waterproof protection and dust and sweat resistance. Sound is lively and can be customized through the Jabra Sound+ app, which is loaded with presets and other cool features that enhance both sound and call quality.

  • Crisp and well-balanced audio
  • Sleek, waterproof design
  • Strong battery life
  • Active and passive noise cancellation
  • Can get extremely loud at max volume

3. Amazon Fire 7 – The best tablet for those on a budget

Amazon Fire 7

For a lot of customers, price makes the big difference, so Amazon could have coasted when it comes to the $50 Fire 7 tablet. Fortunately, the most recent iteration of the company’s cheapest slate packs a snappy quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, which helps you navigate apps and browse the web faster than you’d expect from a tablet this cheap. And while previous Fire tablets made you tap to activate Alexa — which made no sense, it’s meant to be summoned with your voice — the Fire 7 finally added voice triggers for the digital assistant.

Just don’t expect any frills that come with more expensive tablets. The Fire 7 tablet’s sub-HD screen is not sharp enough for anyone used to an iPad, and its lock screen is filled with ads unless you pay extra. Still, it’s a great pick for kids looking for a media consumption device.

  • Fast for its price
  • Hyper affordable
  • Finally, hands-free Alexa
  • Lots of Amazon ads
  • Low-res display

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – The best Samsung smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a wearable that had a lot of hype around it. This sees Samsung return to Wear OS, having used Tizen for recent models. But this isn’t Wear OS as you might know it – it’s a new take on the operating system, designed alongside Samsung, and with a very Tizen-like skin on the top.

That means you get the best of both worlds, with the functionality and apps of Wear OS, coupled with the look and feel of Tizen.

Add to that great performance, what we found to be a comfortable fit, a lightweight build, and interesting new body composition measurement tools, and this makes for a top smartwatch, especially for those interested in tracking their health and fitness.

But with some of its features requiring a Samsung phone, and no support for iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 isn’t something we can recommend to everyone. It also arguably isn’t worth upgrading to if you already own a recent Galaxy Watch.

  • Excellent performance
  • Interesting new software
  • Limited compatibility
  • Lacks rotating bezel

5. Apple MacBook Air – The best laptop of 2021

Apple MacBook Air

Apple has revolutionized its laptops, thanks to its own Apple silicon processors, which are replacing the Intel chips it’s previously used. This chip delivers faster speeds than the Air’s ever seen, and the longest battery life in any MacBook either: it lasted 14 hours and 41 minutes on the Tom’s Guide battery test. Not since 2015 has a MacBook come close to that. Not only does the M1 chip make the MacBook Air a multi-tasking fiend, but it also enabled me to play Rise of the Tomb Raider smoothly, and that’s even with Rosetta 2 conversion of that Intel app.

Apple’s move to ARM-based processors look to reap massive benefits, and that includes the ability to run iOS and iPadOS apps on your Mac. Plus, the MacBook Air’s webcam is clearer and more color-accurate than ever, thanks to signal processing. We’re also still happy to see the Magic Keyboard, a great upgrade from the Butterfly-style keyboard of the previous MacBooks.

On top of that, you get stronger sound than you’d expect from a laptop this small, which support Dolby Atmos audio, for better-sounding movies and TV. Not only is this the best laptop for many if not most Apple users, it’s a laptop that should have the PC world looking over its shoulders.

  • Remarkably fast performance
  • Strong legacy app support
  • Amazingly long battery life
  • Still has thick bezels
  • Light on ports

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