AirPods 1 VS AirPods 2

In September 2016, Apple’s new product launch conference, along with the release of iPhone7/7P, the iPhone series officially opened the “no” headphone hole.

At the same time, Apple gave the official solution for wireless headsets – the first generation of AirPods. Since the release, AirPods has been controversial!

Even so, the good experience of a generation of AirPods has made it the best-known Apple product. Today, the AirPods 2 that everyone is looking forward to is in front of everyone.

Although the appearance did not change, but replaced the H1 chip. Ok, today we will take a look at what is the difference between them.

1. Classic appearance

In appearance, there is no difference between the two generations of the regular version. However, there are some details of the changes made.

For example, the position of the adapter button is moved up, and the chain behind the battery case is replaced with a matte process. In addition, if you are purchasing a wireless charging version, there will be a power indicator.

2. Experience

Whether it’s a Macbook, iPhone or iWach, they all fit perfectly.

AirPods 2 uses standard Bluetooth enhancement technology and Apple’s unique near-field matching technology to seamlessly connect your notebook, iPhone and even Apple Watch with iCloud.

Connection speed

AirPods 2 is indeed a little bit faster than the 1st generation, but it is almost negligible.

Connection stability

If you are using iphone X, then AirPods 2 is perfect.

Is that Android or PC will not work?


Even for Android phones or Windows PC users, the signal stability of AirPods is also the first echelon.

But it is not the perfect choice!

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Signal delay

We all know that Bluetooth headsets have problems with signal delays.

Therefore, AirPods1 has been well received by users with low latency.

The advantages of AirPods 2 in this regard are more obvious.

It reduces the signal delay by 30%!

Moreover, it can even be said that the synchronization effect is achieved.

Connection distance

Although Bluetooth technology is now very powerful, it sometimes does not meet our needs.

We all know that many wireless devices have Bluetooth transmission distances of less than 10 meters.

But AirPods gave us a big surprise in this regard!

Its Bluetooth coverage reaches 30 meters!

At such a long distance, it even supports the “Hi Siri” function.

3. Sound quality level

In general, their sound quality levels are comparable.

Because many users have previously reflected the sound quality of AirPods 1.

So we are very much looking forward to AirPods 2 to improve in this regard.

But unfortunately, we have not found any valuable improvements.

It only has a little improvement in the mid-frequency density and a little more cohesion in the low frequency.

Other parts such as treble, sound field, resolution and other hard quality parts are basically the same as AirPods 1 generation.

4. Purchase guide

AirPods 2 generation is not worth buying? Do I need AirPods 1 to upgrade?

For those who just started AirPods1, AirPods2 gives you a boost that is not particularly obvious, and the price/performance ratio is not high.

But for those who have started AirPods1 for more than a year, if your headset has a significant battery life drop, you can consider buying now!

Worried that AirPods2’s sound quality is not good, in addition to the physical store experience, what else?

If you have an Apple phone, take advantage of the wired headset EarPods that comes with Apple.

In general, AirPods2’s overall sound style is basically the same as EarPods, but the sound quality is better.

So if you like the style of EarPods, AirPods2 is definitely for you.

Buy a wireless version, or a standard version?

In short, if you don’t have the need for wireless charging, then choose the standard version.

5. Summary

In general, AirPods2 has limited upgrades!

Both sound quality and connection stability are comparable to AirPods1.

But it uses the H1 chip, which is equivalent to the biggest innovation.

So, which one to choose, you need to decide according to your own needs!

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