Best Laptop Cleaning Kits

Best Laptop Cleaning Kits

If you aim to stay productive on the go, you’re going to need a laptop. A laptop allows you to work, play, and connect on the move, providing flexible opportunities to get things done no matter where you are. Like any machine, though, a laptop must be clean to run efficiently, and a laptop cleaning kit offers the best way to maintain computer health.

Have you ever spilled soda in your workspace, sticking the bottom of your laptop to your desk? What about crumbs you couldn’t pry out of the keyboard, or unsightly smudges on the screen? Laptop cleaning kits offer several ways to mitigate these problems, and they do so in safe ways that won’t harm your computer.

You must also ensure to adequately provide care and maintenance for the laptop if you want it to serve you most efficiently, and durably too. One of the ways to care properly for your laptop is by cleaning it frequently with the right cleaning kits so that it does not accumulate dirt. But then, Finding the best cleaning kit for your laptop can be a tedious task, and this is why we will review the 5 best cleaning kits for laptops in this article so that the task will become much easier for you.

7 Best Laptop Cleaning Kits 2021:

1. Screen Mom’s screen Cleaner Kit

Screen Mom’s screen Cleaner Kit

One of the most sold laptop cleaning kit on Amazon, Screen Mom’s screen cleaner kit is expensive but worth it. However, the company claims that you could spray 80 times for every $1 spent on the product. The liquid is free of ammonia, alcohol, and phosphates, which makes it safe for screens. It could be used on almost any kind of screen surface and includes an extra-large microfiber cloth to help with the same. You could buy the kit from Amazon here.

2. AmScope Cleaning Kit CK-II 3 Screen

The AmScope Cleaning Kit CK-II Screen can best be described as the ‘all in one full package’ as it comes with a brush that is useful for cleaning the keyboard area and other parts of the laptop, a soft wiper that can be used for cleaning the computer screen, and a liquid cleaner that leaves your laptop sparkling clean. The product is specially designed for cleaning finger marks, dust, and other such dirt off your laptop. Get it here.

3. Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit

Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit

The bad component about cleaning liquids is that they leave a residue after drying off. The reason is that their manufacturing firms use harmful liquids in the solution. This is where Luis and Teresas Screen Cleaning Kit comes in. This solution can smooth the most cussed of strains without leaving any mark at the glass. The package consists of an ultra-thin cleansing material and any other thicker one. It also consists of a cleaning liquid bottle and brush. If you want the product, it’s miles available at Amazon here.

4. S-Union Screen and Keyboard Cleaning Kit


If your laptop uses a touch-sensitive screen, you should know that it needs to be more delicately cared for than other screen types, and this is where the S-Union Screen and Keyboard Cleaning kit comes in. The laptop cleaning solution is specially designed to adequately clean the most delicate laptops with its microfiber cloth pieces and cleaning liquid for the screen, as well as the air duster and brush for the keyboard. According to the producers of this solution, it is thoroughly tried and tested, and will definitely satisfy your laptop maintenance needs.

5. AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit

AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit

While Amazon is the most reputed online seller, it is an equally good manufacturer. AmazonBasics products are trusted by consumers, and thus I included the AmazonBasics Screen Cleaning Kit in this list. While it doesn’t have a liquid in the package, it includes an empty refillable plastic spray bottle, a lens brush, an air blower, and a cleaning pen. Other than these, the package comes with 50 lens cleaning disposable tissues. This kit is super-cheap, though you might have to buy the cleaning liquid separately.

6. Opula Screen Cleaning Kit

Opula Screen Cleaning Kit

The Opula Screen Cleaning Kit package comes with a brush, cleaning lotion, and two wipe pads. While the product doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon, it’s a trusted brand on local websites. Like most other cleaning kits, this one is anti-bacterial and anti-static. You could check more information about the product on Amazon.

7. Pro Laptop Cleaning Kit by Tech Armor

Pro Laptop Cleaning Kit by Tech Armor

If you want a laptop cleaning solution that is the perfect fix for cleaning your computer screens and other such delicate parts, especially for professionals, then the Pro Laptop Cleaning Kit by Tech Armor is the perfect option for you. The most unique feature of this product is that the gel evaporates independently from your laptop surface a few minutes after you have used it. It also does not have any alcohol or ammonia content.

Laptop Cleaning Kits Price

  • Inexpensive: You can get your hands on a quality laptop cleaning kit for less than $10. For that money, expect one or two small microfiber cloths, a small pack of cleaning wipes, a handful of plant-based options, and perhaps a small brush set.
  • Mid-range: Double your budget to $20 and you’ll be rewarded with higher-quality microfiber cloths along with long-lasting spray bottles of solution. Antibacterial options are more plentiful in this range, as are larger brushes.
  • Expensive: Spend $25 or more and you’ll get all the features mentioned above along with a cool gadget like a keyboard vacuum.

TIPS of Using Laptop Cleaning Kits

  • Turn off and unplug your computer before cleaning it. Be especially careful when using liquid cleaners. Tip the laptop over to remove larger debris from the keyboard, and then follow your cleaning kit’s directions.
  • Beautify your screen. Use a safe cleaning solution of your choice on a microfiber cloth or other soft applicator. Wipe the screen gently in one direction, avoiding circles and excessive pressure. Use a dry microfiber cloth to polish the surface.
  • Clean your keyboard. Use air (either compressed air or a hand tool) to dislodge crumbs and dust. Use a narrow brush to remove debris, finishing by cleaning the keys with a cotton swab dabbed in the cleaner of your choice.
  • Don’t mix a laptop cleaning solution with other chemicals. It can become abrasive or potentially toxic. If you’d like to make your own cleaner, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines.

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