If you are seeing an error code 0x80070643 on your Windows computer, you are not alone. Many Windows users have reported this error. Usually this error occurs when they are trying to update their Windows system or to install a programs. The KB4048955 update for Windows 10 introduced some qualityContinue Reading

On Windows 10, a partition (or volume) is a logical division of the space available on a physical storage drive with a specific file system and settings that the system presents to the user as a separate drive. Since a drive can hold many partitions, and sometimes, you may needContinue Reading

Windows 11 startup programs mean applications that automatically start when you turn on your computer. These programs are launched from the Windows 11 startup folder. Some installed programs are set to launch automatically each time you start your Windows computer. But it’s not necessary to have them run on startup.Continue Reading

Time and again, we commit the mistake of deleting files and folders, thinking they are not important enough. Most of us do this to save precious space on our system, while some like to keep their operating system neat and organized. But the problem occurs when accidentally and unknowingly, weContinue Reading

Are you interested in Alternate Data Streams? It is a feature offered by the NTFS file system. In this post, Bestitguide will introduce this feature to you and show you how to use/manage it. What Are Alternate Data Streams Alternate Data Streams (ADS) is a file attribute only found onContinue Reading