HP Envy 27

Touch products have been around for a long time, but with the popularity of Win8 brought into the desktop era, but a desktop plus a touch display always seems awkward, so we have an all-in-one.

The all-in-one products on the market are already overwhelming, but apart from the Apple iMac, it is rare to have a Windows all-in-one that remembers the model. The all-in-one below is just around the corner. One bright, it is Envy 27 from HP.

I have a deep impression on HP’s products. Envy’s products are even more of a star product. This time Envy 27 still live up to expectations.

The main color of the machine is silver and black, and the metal sandblasting process is also quite textured. With the 27-inch touch display, wireless mouse and keyboard, innovative shaft design and other factors, Envy 27 has the well-deserved HP flagship.

Top 3 all-in-one Computers 2020:

Apple iMacProcessor: Intel Core i5
Size: 20.3 * 25.6 * 8 in
Weight: 20.8 pounds
HP Envy 27Processor: Core(TM) i7-8700T
Size: 24.2 x 7.5 x 18 in
Weight: 24 pounds
Microsoft Surface StudioProcessor: Core i7-3960X
Size: 21.61 x 25.09 x 8.59 in
Weight: 20.94 lbs


HP Envy 27 is also very recognizable in terms of product appearance. The overall feeling is quite technological, and it is the kind of product that you will remember at a glance.

The overall body uses a large number of metal sandblasted plastic, silver and black business colors constitute the overall color of HP, standard wireless mouse and keyboard, through the simple and exquisite design aesthetics.

When you look at the front of it, first see the big screen with a 27-inch large screen.

HP Envy 27 appearance

It has a resolution of 1920×1080, multi-touch support, a camera on the top, a right-hand corner on the top right, and a BeatsAudio rectangular speaker on the bottom to ensure a loud sound.

The curved surface of the back makes the Envy 27 artistic, and the clean back layout has only one cooling hole. The bracket also adopts a double-rotor design, which can complete more styles of folding changes, and the damping force is very high, giving a wide and solid feeling.

Hewlett-Packard has always had its own unique understanding of the design, as early as its TouchSmart series has formed a certain design style, Envy 27 is enriching the HP 27-inch market gap.

In terms of concise outline design and silver-black design style, Envy 27 has been counted as one of the rare products on the HP product line: too many flowers and products, Envy 27 is more like my dish.

Extension port:

Most of the general all-in-one pc interface settings are on the back, although this does not affect the aesthetics, but for the Envy 27 of various deformation modes, it is not the perfect solution.

The multi-mode deformed shaft easily exposes the product interface directly. In order not to affect the overall aesthetics, the Envy 27 is equally compact and versatile in interface settings: most interface buttons are set to the side and the shaft position.

In the side position, Envy 27 also retains some commonly used buttons and expansion interfaces for user convenience.

HP Envy 27 interfaces

Five modes:

There are many innovative folding shaft products on the market, but the deformation method like Envy 27 is still a minority.

In this respect, we focus on the more interesting shaft design. Thanks to the two-stage shaft design of the base and the bracket, the Envy 27 can complete up to five modes, which is convenient in terms of use.

Although it may not be an innovation in your opinion, I believe that you are used to this kind of transformation, it is difficult to leave.

Configuration and performance:

The all-in-one computer is affected by the space volume, and it is difficult to compare with the performance of the enthusiast class.

However, the HP Envy 27 has made a good balance between space and configuration. In a word: Envy 27 is beautiful enough. Performance configuration is also quite sufficient.

In terms of configuration, Envy 27 uses Intel Core i7-4770T processor, clocked at 2.5 GHz, standard 2 × 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory.

The storage combination is a 16GB SSD solid state drive + 1TB massive HDD hard drive, integrated HD4600 graphics card, and then equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730A to ensure strong performance.


Since the iMac, there seems to be few all-in-one computers on the market.

This time, the Envy 27 from HP seems to have a satisfactory answer: the biggest innovation of the HP Envy 27 is the two-stage operation of the bracket design, which can achieve more comfortable operation in more scene environments.

Of course, Envy 27 also has some regrets. Although the 1080p screen is mainstream, but for the expensive official price, is it still possible to improve?


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      Dear friend, you can check the price from our amazon links.

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