Switching from a conventional to an ergonomic keyboard is, quite frankly, a bit of a leap. It can take several weeks to reacquire the muscle memory needed to type quickly on one, whether you buy a curved unibody model or a two-piece split keyboard. Aside from a couple of notableContinue Reading

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Wireless keyboards serve many masters. They’re great if you’re trying to declutter, or like typing with your keyboard on your lap. Mobile productivity hounds who want gear that’s ready for travel swear by them, too, and some models let you swap one typing peripheral among desktops, laptops, and tablets. WhatContinue Reading

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Most laptops now have backlit keyboards. In addition to its stunning appearance, the backlit keyboard also plays an important role. In a well-lit room, the lights are unobtrusive, but at night or in a dim environment, they illuminate the keys, allowing you to work all night. If your desktop computerContinue Reading

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